When selecting searching flash light, focus on important aspects like weight and size. These traits largely determine your comfort and flexibility from the flashlight.

Hopefully each one of these advice will help you enjoy the marvelous possibilities a really effective flashlight, that is produced to provide you with a obvious advantage in regions of poor light or limited visibility.

Looking for something else? Check here for the other best 18650 flashlights out there.

What makes the Armytek Barracuda a good flashlight?

Armytek Barracuda is a great option for most. You might ask why? First of all, it checks all the boxes mentioned above. Next, it meets the users’ different needs of high brightness and lengthy runtime. Thirdly, it’s appropriate for illumination of regions of various sizes and scene analysis.

But that’s not everything. Some more excellent characteristics:

  • Long beam (700 meter)
  • Wide beam.
  • The brightest
  • High light output (1390 lumen)
  • 4 brightness modes.

It’s obvious, getting more light output available in high-stress situations provides you with more confidence and options!

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