When selecting searching flash light, focus on important aspects like weight and size. These traits largely determine your comfort and flexibility from the flashlight.

Hopefully each one of these advice will help you enjoy the marvelous possibilities a really effective flashlight, that is produced to provide you with a obvious advantage in regions of poor light or limited visibility.

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What makes the Armytek Barracuda a good flashlight?

Armytek Barracuda is a great option for most. You might ask why? First of all, it checks all the boxes mentioned above. Next, it meets the users’ different needs of high brightness and lengthy runtime. Thirdly, it’s appropriate for illumination of regions of various sizes and scene analysis.

But that’s not everything. Some more excellent characteristics:

  • Long beam (700 meter)
  • Wide beam.
  • The brightest
  • High light output (1390 lumen)
  • 4 brightness modes.

It’s obvious, getting more light output available in high-stress situations provides you with more confidence and options!

Best Tools For Home Improvement

Which are the most essential tools for home improvement? Of course there is no straight answer here, but I have written down my favorites here. With every new project I usually use almost all of these. Since people have been asking me what I recommend a few times, I thought: why not publish a list on my blog? Here we go.

Miter Saw

A miter saw is probably the most essential tool in my toolbox. If I had to pick one I would always go for this one. I personally prefer to have a miter saw that is relatively light, otherwise it can be very hard to handle.
Miter saws absolutely great if you’re installing baseboards, doorways, or crown moulding.  Apart from the age old hammer and nails perhaps… is the most important tool for me.

Air Compressor And Nail Gun

You can of course install baseboards, crown moulding, and doorways without it, but with an air compressor plus nail gun it’ll be easier and more importantly: so much more fun! When I first bough an air compressor it was erally nice. It made me all excited. Today they just rock! So much speed and power, it’s incredible.

Rotary Sander

You should never do a home renovation job without a rotary sander, and please don’t get the cheapest one either. Get one for around 80$, they are great buys. I never really knew that there was such a difference in quality among sanders, but there is.  I’ll never go back! The one I got is light and thus easy to handle it sands so beautifully. I usually work with 5-inch sanders, but you could take a larger one, but they are heavy and less practicle in my experience. In all honesty I did not see any advantages.

Pain Sprayer

There are so many different sprayers on the market, and they can get pretty expensive. Still they will save you so much time, I definitely recommend buying one. With most sprayers you’ll need an air compressor to hook it up to. But you got one of those, right?

Circular Saw

If you don’t have room for a table saw, go for a circular. They are also way cheaper. You might want to get a table saw too, but a circular saw will always remain handy, so if you have to choose….

Pressure Washer

You will need to do alot of cleaning after all the demolition, sawing et cetera. Doing this with your normal hose is not a good idea. So you will need to get a pressure washer. Get a good one too.

What I do when I flip a house

It really is not that easy, so pay attention! : )

House flipping is when I buy a house to sell it again after I renovate it. Hopefully with a profit. So you make money by increasing the value of the house – selling it for more than you paid for it. If done right this can be very lucrative.

It is also easy to lose a lot of money though! That is why I always do extensive research and I make sure I have enough savings to take a hit if the market moves against me.

I also make a tight schedule and budget. And I work hard to stay within these boundaries (although I must admit, I often go slightly over budget).

But I think it is important to do careful planning and thorough calculations.

The real estate market

It is also important to know the local real estate market.

As they say: location location location. You can make the ugliest home a palace, but if noone wants to live there, you will never sell it for a good price. And you need to sell quick, because every month you don’t sell it  costs you dearly.

Next time I will write more on the real estate market. Hope you liked it so far.


Decastro Home Renovation

Hi! I am Jerry Decastro and I live to renovate homes. I love to make ugly houses beautiful : )

My company is based on the belief that comfort and looks are both of the utmost importance when it comes to your home. With every home renovation I do everything to make sure the house is comfortable and beautiful. I treat each home as if I were to live in it for the rest of my life. Of course I always make sure each job is done in time and within budget, but I never compromise on comfort and looks! As a result, all the houses I have renovated have led to satisfied buyers/customers. You can ask around!

On this blog I would like to share some of my knowledge and experience on house renovation/flipping.

Hope you like it!